Panic Manor

Panic Manor 😱 is a first person asymmetric multiplayer survival horror designed by Frédérick Raynal (famous designer of Alone in the Dark, Little Big Adventure…). This project is a final year study project of Créajeux made with Unity3D.
We were a team of about thirty students (yes that’s a lot), part programmers and part artists and we had two full-time months to make this project.

In a proceduraly generated manor, you can either be the Strangler, the psychopath embodied by only one player, or one of the students, victims of the Strangler (up to nine players). The game is played in two phases:

  • In the first one, the students, who can’t face directly the Strangler, must gather and unite their forces to defeat him by throwing all kinds of objects found in the Manor.
    The Strangler, on the other hand, must isolate the poor students in order to, well…, strangle them.
    If the Strangler kills all his victims he wins and the game is over, if the students manage to kill him, the second phase starts.
  • In the second phase, the Manor’s key drop from the Strangler’s body.
    The remaining students must fight each other to get this key. The first one who reaches the gates of the Manor with the key will be the winner.

DL Download Panic Manor

Find more on the project’s facebook page.


What I did on this project

I mainly took care of the 3C programming; the character movements, their game states, the camera behavior and the interactions.
I also was responsible of the animation integration and their network synchronisation.