Bring it Back

Bring it Back 🚚 is a cooperative multiplayer game where the players control a team of burglars.
In each mission, they have to steal valuable objects in original places. In addition to reaching the objects, they must bring them back to their truck without being detected.
Cooperation and teamwork will be the most important tool for them to become the best thieves in the world !

Bring it Back is a final year study project of the National Graduate School of Games in France (ENJMIN). Eleven students worked on this pre-production project during six months in 2016. It is developed with Unreal Engine 4.

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What I did on this project

We were three gameplay programmers on this project, we were responsible of different aspects of the game. I was in charge of the following things:

  • the Dynamic Camera, which had to adapt to the position of the player to keep the screen readable
  • the Guards, the main enemy of the game, from the assets integration to their behaviour by coding their Artificial Intelligence
  • programming of some hazards of the game (threadmills, electric walls, pressure plates…)
  • integrations (vfx, sounds) and a lot of bug fix :smile:


Here is the documentary (in seven parts) of this student project made by DocGeraud !